The AERA unit votes on conditions of deployment of  Brea/Olinda
properties effecting 7 AERA employees. Aera wants to farm out the
property allowing another company to operate the property while
AERA maintains the ownership and mineral rights. This is an
outrageous move by the company and gave the employees
affected little time to make a decision on the packages offered if
accepted by the membership. A vote was taken and was voted
down. AERA was clearly shaken and started making phone calls to
the International. After concision's by the company agreeing to use
USW represented employees if AERA started operating the
property and the right to grieve if the company did not live up to the
agreement, a vote was taken and accepted by the membership.
The 7 employees had a choice between two weeks for every year
of service and separate from the company or be relocated to
another location being employed in another job.