We have come to terms with an agreement with the company to try to save
as many jobs as possible. The agreement will allow any of our represented
employees to opt-in to the “Expression of Interest (EOI)” pool to voluntarily
terminate with the company. The termination will allow employees to choose
to enter the “Involuntary Severance Program” in accordance with the
“Expression of Interest (EOI)” MOA dated 1/28/2016. In this program an
employee would be eligible to receive 2 weeks of pay for each year of
service with a minimum payment of 8 weeks and a maximum payment of 52
weeks per the Chevron Involuntary Severance Program Policy. This
opportunity will be open to volunteers for 2 weeks through email and mail…
no extensions. After the 2 week volunteer opt in period, the company which
will have a better understanding of the future of the remaining work force, will
begin to move forward effecting change in the new Go-Forward Organization.
We will know at this point how many jobs will truly be saved. Changes will
begin soon after the end of the opt-in EOI period and staggered to minimize
operational disruptions and distractions.

In addition to the EOI process, we have also come to an agreement in the
above said MOA, that will guarantee any represented employees that are
forced to take the “Involuntary Severance Program” will retain their call back
rights per (Article V, Section F) in the current CBA dated February 2015.
He/she would have waived these rights in the normal Chevron Involuntary
Severance Program.

“A laid off employee will, if available after reasonable notice, be eligible
for the first job opening which he is qualified to fill in the San Joaquin Valley
Business Unit and he will retain the seniority he had accrued prior to layoff if
his rehire is effected within a period of two years from the date of layoff.”

Details of the Go-Forward Organization will be released in the near future by
the company.

We would like to ask everyone to respect each other’s feelings, personal
space and personal lives in these uncertain times i.e. We WILL NOT harass
senior employees to leave and We WILL respect others feelings as
WE/THEY worry about the future. We need to be very mindful of our and our
co-workers safety and focus. Let’s not allow anyone to get hurt due to a
possible lapse of focus, judgment or riskiness in this sensitive situation. We
are all in this together and we all make us a “UNION”.

Respectfully Your Negotiating Committee,

Staff USW Rep. - Bill Locke
Ed Crane, Eric Sutton, Matt Cantrell, Roger Jones, Joe Lugo, Eric Rivera,
Shannon Kelley, Dave Hernandez and Noah Garza.
Note on the Position Reduction Chart. Chevron supplied this chart in response to
the unions questions about the company's decision to reduce the workforce. We do
not yet know just how this chart applies as Chevron has not shared that information
with us. Let's take this one step at a time and first allow the voluntary separation to
take place. The reason the chart was posted is because it's information we have that
we believe you have a right to know. Please contact your union steward if you have
questions about this chart.