This edition of The Oil Worker concerns a timely legislative issue that impacts you,
your members, your families and everyone in your facility. The House of
Representatives is expected to vote this week of Sept 27, 2015 on whether to lift
the ban on the export of U.S. Crude oil to other countries like China and India. If
this legislation passes, we could see domestic refineries shut down USW oil
workers losing their jobs. It is extremely important that you get this newsletter out to
your members so they can call their U.S. Representatives. Please print and hand
out to employees in your group or field!
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This USW Local 12-6 edition of our newsletter is packed with information, please
print and hand out in your work place or unit. The more we let our fellow workers
know what their union does for them the more likely they are to promote our union.
Solidarity does work and history shows us the better we are organized the better
contract we can expect to attain! So, help pass the word!
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