The next meeting with Aera is Feb. 9,
2015. Your committee is working hard
to complete local issues between the
parties. Should you have questions
please contact your steward. Support
your committee / NOBP committee
and let management know you
demand a fair contract!!!!
Your committee last met with Chevron on Sat. Feb 7,
2015. Local's 12-6 and 219 have completed local issues
with the company and now await a resolution at the
national level. Any member wanting more information
please contact your steward. It is very important you
continue to support your Local committee and the NOBP
committee by demanding from local management a fair
agreement that recognizes the safety issues our brothers
and sisters face in refineries across our nation!
NOBP - FEB 8, 2015
I have had problems with web software, which is why no updates on
bargaining progress until now.
No agreement at this time. As most of
you know, as of today, we now have 11 refineries out on ULP strike.
These brothers and sisters need our support! Local's 12-6 and 219
are arranging a picket walk in Carson and would request all the
people we can get to go down and show our support for our USW
brothers and sisters forced to strike.

USW International Vice-President Gary Beevers, who heads the
union's National Bargaining Program (NOBP), stated, "After long days
of discussions with the industry's lead company, Shell Oil, little
progress has been made on our members' central issues concerning
health and safety, fatigue, inadequate staffing levels that differ from
what is shown on paper, contracting out of daily maintenance jobs,
high out-of-pocket and health care costs."

Expanding this strike is not our intent, getting the company to
recognize our issues and concerns is what we need. If you are
working, let local management know you demand Shell get back to
the bargaining table and address these important issue with your
union! Solidarity is the answer!