We have a place and date for our 100
year anniversary bbq! We have Stramler
Park reserved by the Kern County
Museum in Bakersfield on Saturday, April
22, 2017. And...Mad Mikes has agreed
to cook and serve for us. He has done a
fabulous job in the past and we are
looking forward to another great meal!
We are looking at some other
entertainment, such as music
bands, things the kids can do etc. If
you have any ideas, please let your
local know or attend a monthly
meeting where you can discuss
your ideas directly with the
membership! We will be sending
out fliers to your houses with guild
lines and instructions for tickets
so please keep a look out! We need to get as actuate a count as
possible so we can make sure everyone has enough to eat but
more importantly has a good time. I will post more when I have